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On The Big Score session on Smart Logistics, SPEED offers smart port start-ups from Belgium, France, the Netherlands and the UK an opportunity to pitch live on stage in front of an expert panel of industry experts, investors and corporate partners. Via SPEED, 1 slot is reserved for the best of breed of each country.
Startups can also attend and watch the action to learn from their pitching peers.
The session is a unique opportunity for startups who…
– …are looking for funding
– …want to do business
– …are eager to learn from industry experts
The event will have a hybrid set-up: the pitches will happen with the startups and expert panel in a studio in Antwerp and live-streamed to an audience of ‘deep pocket’ investors, corporate innovators, and attending startups. Afterwards, all attendees can network through prescheduled online one-on-one meetings.
The requirements for startups to pitch are:
– Being active in at least Belgium, France, the Netherlands, or the UK
– Having raised pre-seed funding
– Looking for seed / series A funding / coporate prospects
– Impactful B2B smart port / logistics solution
– Generating product revenue
– Strong clients / references / use cases
Interested to pitch? By January 13th:
(1) Register to this Linkedin event’s registration link here
(2) submit your technology on the SPEED portal (see registration link above or paste the following in your browser:
Just want to attend? Click the Join link here. has set up a website with some more information about the session

Thanks to SPEED, there will be a free pitching slot for one smart port startup in each of the four countries of the 2 Seas region. To select these ‘best of breed’ startups, we will select a shortlist of 3 candidates per country by January 18th. The application deadline for the startups is January 13th.