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Business is booming at the Port of Hull with over £3 million recently invested to cater for increased demand and to secure jobs.

Leading port operator ABP has recently completed the purchase of over 30 pieces of bespoke machinery to support extra business and to assist the new operation of in-house haulage for the Container, Dry Bulks and Finland terminals.

The growing trade of containers has seen the port handle seven additional vessels per week and recently, shipping company I-Motion has heralded a new trading link between ABP’s Port of Hull and the Port of Ghent, Belgium.

ABP has strengthened the workforce in terms of headcount and skills development to bolster the in-house haulage operation. New state-of-the-art tugs, trailers and forklift trucks will underpin the operation for many years to come. They are the workhorses for the port and will manoeuvre millions of tonnes of cargo including wheat, biomass (wood pellets that are burnt for electricity), timber and soda ash, used in the manufacture of glass.

ABP Humber Director, Simon Bird, said: “There are so many advantages to building permanent teams at our ports. By creating secure jobs for our community, we also maintain high levels of expertise in the port, increase efficiency and develop a lasting camaraderie amongst our people.

“This major investment in manpower and horse power means that our customer base will continue to be provided with the most efficient services available. We believe that it also highlights our confidence in the port’s future as we continue to invest in growth.

“It’s fantastic news that we’re seeing this boost, as growth at the Port of Hull means more jobs and growth in the wider community.”

Recent figures show that The Port of Hull has increased its contribution to the UK economy to £813 million and it now supports 12,000 jobs nationally, in various departments including finance, marine and engineering.

Source:, 4 July 2018