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First vessel in Port of Immingham for new business deal with Top Blue and The Fuel Trading Company

ABP is pleased to announce new customers for the Port of Immingham this week.

The port welcomed the first vessel in a new contract with customers Top Blue and The Fuel Trading Company.

The new deal is expected to bring an extra 30,000 tonnes per year through the Port of Immingham – the largest Port by tonnage in the UK. The cargo being delivered is Prilled Urea which is a key part of the mixture for the AdBlue market.

AdBlue is a fluid which is put into vehicle exhaust systems, helping to reduce emissions produced by diesel engines. With car manufacturers having to follow to strict emissions targets, AdBlue is vital to make sure diesel cars are kinder to the environment.

The Humber provides an ideal location and efficient links to the product’s final destination, York.

ABP Humber Director, Simon Bird, said: “We are extremely pleased to have secured this new deal with Top Blue and The Fuel Trading Company which underlines the huge strength in diversity that we have to handle every type of cargo here on the Humber.”

ABP’s four ports on the Humber (Grimsby, Goole, Immingham and Hull) handle around 58 million tonnes of cargo. Every year the ports handle £75 billion worth of trade, more than the Mersey, Tyne and Tees combined.

Source: Associated British Ports