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The Port of Barrow has been dubbed Cumbria’s ‘gateway to growth’ in the wake of post-Brexit Britain – and has the backing of the area’s MP and an industry leader.

Images of the Associated British Ports site in Barrow

This idea has been brought back to the forefront by a Barrow-born man who now resides in Devon and, having witnessed the chaos at the port in Dover, believes something like this could work in Barrow with an easy trade link to Northern Ireland and potentially the United States.

“I was born in Barrow and still am very attached to the area even though I am based in Devon,” Kevin Beveridge said. “My heart will always be there or thereabouts.
“The current Brexit issues present a great opportunity for Barrow to try to see if traffic through the port could be boosted.
“I know Associated British Ports run the docks but I also know there was a Barrow Port Action Plan committee also that could do something on this.

Images of the Associated British Ports site in Barrow

“Call it the North West Gateway or something – ideally placed for Scotland, North West England, and a link between England and Northern Ireland.
“I know that town and the Furness peninsula as a whole would get behind any push to see a chance for the area to prosper and positively contribute to the nation.”
The ABP welcomed the idea and said they were open to any opportunity like this in the future that could benefit the area.
A spokesperson said: “The Port of Barrow is Cumbria’s gateway to growth, serving local industry and manufacturing, facilitating maritime trade and hosting world-class shipbuilding . . . .
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