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This month we are taking you to the Baltic region, and more precisely to the Port of Tallinn, where Mr Valdo Kalm has been CEO of the company since beginning 2016. In this interview, we will learn more about the strengths, challenges and ambitions of the Port of Tallinn. We will learn more about the Port of Tallinn’s introduction to the stock exchange, its ambitions with regards to digitalisation and its green services to shipping.

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Can you briefly tell us about the Port of Tallinn? What are its main characteristics and challenges?

The Port of Tallinn is the biggest port complex in Estonia and the most innovative sea gate on the shores of the Baltic Sea. We have grown from a traditional infrastructure operator to a modern and multifaceted development and services company. We create the best environment and development opportunities for our customers by logistically combining the service of people and goods, shipping activities and the development of seaside real estate. We represent the image of Estonia and are one of the engines behind Estonia’s economy. As a listed company, our owners include the Republic of Estonia, investment funds, pension funds and private investors, who mostly include Estonian people. Our role is to improve Estonia’s competitiveness as a maritime country. Our main challenges are related to boosting our competitive ability in our four fields of business and doing it in a smart and environmentally friendly way.

In 2017, the Port of Tallinn published its Masterplan 2030 for the Old City Harbour area. Can you briefly describe the main focal point of this plan? Do you already have some first results of the implementation of this plan? . . . . . . 

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