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Sweden’s ports are continuing to face the fallout from a dispute over a collective bargaining agreement (CBA) led by the Swedish Harbour Workers’ Union (SHWU), as the organisation’s workers take part in strikes across multiple ports in the country.

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The SHWU (also known as the Swedish Dockworkers Union) had been involved in mediation talks with Ports of Sweden on 22 January over its bid to secure a CBA, and which has previously seen it take strike action, however it said it rejected a proposed deal because it would mean giving up its right to participate in and negotiate contracts as well as the right to take action if agreements are violated by the employer.

“The dockers ‘union rejects the mediators’ contract bid because it requires the union to renounce the right to participate in local settlements at the workplaces where the members work, the possibility of interpreting their own agreement and the right to bring an action before the Labor Court if the employer party violates contractual agreements,” stated SHWU. “Thus, the union would voluntarily cancel trade union rights resulting from normal collective agreements in the Swedish labor market by law and applicable case law.”

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