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Port of Sunderland is one of the major economic regeneration sites in the North East and was awarded Enterprise Zone (EZ) status in 2015. The status is designed to make the port more attractive to investors and has the potential to create 200 direct jobs and many more through the supply chain over a 20 year period.

Aerial view of Port of Sunderland

The new EZ will focus on providing excellent facilities for businesses in the offshore renewables, subsea manufacturing and construction sectors, as well as a base for companies that can utilise the marine facilities of the port.

The 8.2 hectare Hendon Sidings and East Shore EZ aims to deliver site remediation and infrastructure works at the port. It comprises the creation of 25,500m² of commercial floorspace, 45,000m² of external storage and associated strategic infrastructure at Hendon Sidings and East Shore to facilitate the expansion of the port through inward investment.

East Shore indicative plans

Hendon Sidings

After a period of rapid growth and investment the port is embarking on a programme of strategic works to enable export-driven activities to take place including improvements to the internal road system, resurfacing and strengthening works to quaysides and reconnecting and extending the existing national railway line.

There has been recent investment in new cranage, warehousing and a materials handling plant, developing the port’s commercial offer and ensuring it retains its capabilities in the future.

Following completion of the proposed works the port will be extremely well placed to attract new businesses and create new jobs through business investment.

It will also support regional business growth by providing improved transport, connectivity and infrastructure.

Source: Port of Sunderland website