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The ports of Bremen are fully functioning without any restrictions, according to the port management company bremenports. “Despite the restrictions in everyday life, we guarantee that regular operations are being carried out without any disruptions or restrictions. Even during this crisis, Bremen and Bremerhaven guarantee fast, reliable and comprehensive services for the ports’ customers,” promised bremenports Managing Director Robert Howe. “There are absolutely no restrictions with regard to the availability of infrastructure or of the public tasks and port services that are necessary for cargo handling or for carriage of the goods to and from the ports on road, rail and inland waterway. The ports of Bremen thus underline their systemic importance for the ability of the entire German and European national economies to function properly.”

Nor is there any evidence whatsoever of current or foreseeable problems regarding feeder traffic to the ports. Full access is available both by road, rail and inland waterway. “The ports play a central role for providing supplies to the population and fundamentally ensuring that the economy functions properly, especially now and in the coming months. In response to these demands, we have implemented organisational changes in particularly critical areas,” added Howe.

These changes will ensure the continuous accessibility of the ports in Bremen as well as Bremerhaven now and in future. This refers to the terminal railway and the locks as well as maintaining the necessary water depths.

At the onset of the pandemic, bremenports set up a task force which compiles and evaluates all the latest findings and then takes the necessary decisions.

Source: Bremen Ports website