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Forth Ports: Re-assurance over fences planned for Burntisland Port

Forth Ports has said it has no plans to close off the whole of Burntisland’s port to the public

The re-assurance came after a backlash to plans to fence off access to a long-standing a popular walk way.

Burntisland Port

A petition started two days ago by concerned residents has attracted over 1600 signatures.

But the company stressed it understood how strongly the community felt – and that its measures would still allow people to walk through the port.

Forth Ports is preparing a planning application to Fife Council to put up fences at the working port after a health and safety review,

It said the review “ highlighted the need for further safety measures … following recent events.”

Derek Knox, senior port manager for Burntisland, said: “We can state categorically that we have no intention to close off the whole of the port of Burntisland.”

He said the company was legally responsible for the safety of everyone at the port and “can only allow public access where it is safe” adding: “To meet our obligations we must now limit access to certain areas within what is a working, industrial port.”

Mr Knox stressed: “We are confident that our plans will enable the people of Burntisland to continue to walk through the port, but safely and avoiding areas of higher risk.” . . . .

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