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ABPmer hired to prepare scoping documents to support project development

Scots to advance floating plans image

Associated British Ports subsidiary ABPmer has won a contract from Marine Scotland to prepare scoping documents to support the development of floating wind projects in Scottish waters.

The documents will assist in the development of sectoral marine plans for offshore renewables for the Scottish government.

The work on the documents is expected to be completed by the end of March and will be published on the Scottish government’s website.

ABPmer senior environmental consultant Elena San Martin said: “We are delighted to be helping the Scottish government take forward its new plan for offshore wind energy in Scottish waters.”

She added that the scoping process will also set out the approach to undertake a strategic social and economic impact assessment and a plan-level strategic habitats regulations appraisal in accordance with Scottish and UK legislation.

“These outputs will be used to inform the strategic assessments needed for a new offshore wind plan for Scottish waters,” San Martin said.

Image: ABPmer/US Department of Energy

Source:, 24 January 2018