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Article from “Energy Voice”:

You may be relieved to know that tis is not an article about Brexit. However, every cloud has a silver lining – because the last six months of Brexit-related debate have in fact seen the UK’s ports sector attract an unusual amount of political, and therefore public, attention.

That said most of the focus has been on the English Channel ports such as Dover, and headlines of six months of traffic chaos and pictures reminding us of previous strikes when lines of lorries were miles long. This is in turn has led to fears of medicine shortages and empty shelves in the supermarkets and to contingency measures by the big pharma companies and supermarkets, with warehousing supply booked months ago.

But to swiftly move on to that silver lining. I recently attended the annual Scottish Parliamentary reception for the ports and marine sectors hosted, very appropriately, by Orkney MSP Liam McArthur. It is very evident that Scotland has a thriving and successful ports sector which serves a wide variety of markets including Oil & Gas, Decommissioning, Ferries, Offshore Wind and Marine Renewables, Cargo, Fishing, Shipbuilding and Repair, Tourism plus Leisure and Cruise Liners


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