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Ship to Shore Cranes on the way to the Port of Immingham as part of the Humber Container Terminal expansion

This week, two new ship to shore cranes worth £11.5 million have left manufacturers in China on their way to the Port of Immingham as part of the Humber Container Terminal expansion, the company said in its release.

The cranes are part of a £33million upgrade and improvement programme at Immingham Container Terminal (ICT) to future proof the terminal, extend its footprint, maximise efficiencies and improve the service to customers.

The new ship to shore cranes are supplied under a Kalmar JV with Rainbow Cargotec Industries with its product custom made for Immingham. The cranes make working on the terminal more efficient and increase productivity due the reliability of the machinery.

Their simplified modular design is lightweight and durable, making maintenance easier and has been tailored to Immingham Container Terminal’s exact needs.

These cranes are designed to load and unload sea-going vessels for ISO-standard containers. Once the cranes arrive, a full training & familiarisation programme will be provided by Kalmar and delivered to the Immingham Container Terminal operatives.

In preparation for the arrival of the new cranes, earlier this month one of the current ship to shore cranes were moved on to Henderson Quayside (Immingham) by Mammut SPMT’s as part of the final phase of the £33 million investment to expand and upgrade the terminal.

ABP has continued to invest in the Humber Ports to ensure that they have the infrastructure needed to seize opportunities . . . . . . . .  . .continue reading on the Port News website here