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Some important role changes are taking place at Shoreham Port this month. Tony Parker, previously Director of Engineering, is moving over to the new role of Director of Infrastructure & Climate Change, the first of its kind for a UK port. Meanwhile, Brian Rousell has been promoted from Deputy Director to Director of Engineering. As an Eco-Port, Shoreham Port regularly assesses its environmental impact to develop strategies to anticipate and respond to environmental challenges, including climate change, air quality and energy conservation as well as noise, waste, and water management.

Tony is a Chartered Engineer, a Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers and a member of the ICE’s South Maritime Panel. With over 40 years of experience in the design, implementation and management of port and harbour facilities, as well coast protection and waterside development, Tony Parker has a wealth of expertise that makes him an ideal fit for the pioneering role of Director of Infrastructure & Climate Change.

Tony commented “I am very much looking forward to taking on my new role. I will be pushing forward on the large infrastructure challenges at the Port such as a new, bigger and more efficient lock and major schemes to counter sea level rise and increased storminess.’’

Tony continued “The climate change role is very much about achieving the most positive contribution possible for a port to the challenges of climate change and the quality of the environment. Working closely with our local authorities and communities, we will aim to speed our way towards nett zero emission of greenhouse gases with a gradual reduction in the use of fossil fuels around the Port and an increase in our generation and use of green energy sources like solar panels and wind turbines.’’

‘’We also intend to enhance our ability to supply electricity directly to ships berthed on our quays and to fit the most energy-efficient lighting and power systems throughout the entire Port estate. In cooperation with the rest of the port industry and government, we will also work to increase the role of highly energy-efficient coastal shipping to replace the relatively high energy use of road and rail transport for goods.’’

In his new role as Director of Engineering, Brian Rousell will oversee the maintenance of all the quays, harbour arms, lock gates, and other assets around the Port, as well as managing the design and construction of new projects, such as new transit sheds, coast protection and terminals.