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A supertanker berthed at Sullom Voe is one of the largest vessels seen in the harbour for several years, according to the Shetland Islands Council.

The 333-metre Front Endurance crude oil tanker, built in 2009, arrived on Saturday to uplift around two million barrels of Brent Crude oil from the jetties at Sullom Voe Oil Terminal.
She can hold around three-times as much cargo as the normal tankers that make their way into Sullom Voe harbour, and is even longer than the 125-metre long Northlink vessels MV Hrossey and MV Hjaltland put together.
The Front Endurance was escorted into Sullom Voe harbour by the pilot and harbour tugs in a carefully planned operation on Saturday morning and is expected to leave on Tuesday morning.
Sullom Voe harbour master Greg Maitland said it was “great to see vessels of this class calling at Sullom Voe again”.
Source: The Shetland Times website