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We are proud to have entered into a long-term stevedoring agreement with Associated British Ports (ABP) at Port Talbot, Wales.

The move follows a successful partnership with ABP at existing ports in Cardiff, Swansea, Newport, Garston (Liverpool), Southampton and Ipswich with the new deal in Port Talbot seeing ABP loading a cement replacement material (known as ground granulated blast furnace slag).

GGBS is the by-product of the rapid cooling of molten slag and is a sand-like granule aggregate that is primarily used in ready-mixed and precast concrete and masonry, floor levelling compounds and high temperature resistant building products.

The new contract will see more efficient shipments for the loading of 300,000 tonnes of GGBS annually, with this cargo typically going to UK facilities for use in concrete production.

Andrew Harston, ABP Wales and Short Sea Ports director, said: “ABP continues to invest in its ports’ infrastructure and services, as well as sustainability measures, and we are delighted to win this new contract with Tarmac, which shares our commitments to the highest standards of health and safety, and sustainability.”

Simon Grey, our managing director, South West & Wales, said: “Our marine operations, in UK coastal and inshore waters, allow us to deliver our sustainable building products to a variety of ports, harbours and rivers.

“This offers our customers the convenience of shipping large volumes of aggregate in a way that is environmentally friendly and cost effective. Partnering with ABP means we can help more customers build more sustainable infrastructure.”

Source: Tarmac website

Tarmac and ABP sign new agreement in Port Talbot