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The Thames Estuary is ready to become a major player in the Government’s plans to kick-start the UK’s hydrogen economy.

The UK Hydrogen Strategy was launched today citing an ambition to create 5GW hydrogen production capacity by 2030, delivering 9,000 jobs and a £900m industry by that date replacing natural gas in powering around 3 million UK homes each year as well as fuelling transport and businesses, particularly heavy industry.

Next month, the Thames Estuary Growth Board will publish its first Thames Estuary Hydrogen Investment Routemap and Delivery Plan. This sets out a demand and investment-led approach for a hydrogen ecosystem in our region. which comprises parts of east London, north Kent, south Essex and the River Thames.

Thames Estuary Envoy Kate Willard OBE, who chairs the Thames Estuary Growth Board, said: “The Thames Estuary can play a major role in the Government’s ambitions for hydrogen. We welcome the UK Hydrogen Strategy and stand ready to work alongside Government to play our part in its delivery.

“Next month, we will publish our Investment Routemap and Delivery Plan for a hydrogen ecosystem and economy in the Thames Estuary. Our work has captured the scale of potential demand across a range of uses in industrial, logistics, public sector fleets, public transport and back up generation and identified very strong interest from a broad range of partners who see the Estuary as a landmark opportunity investment in a net zero future.

“Our Plan will map the value and delivery potential of a hydrogen economy within the Estuary, unlocking significant benefits in relation to growth, jobs, skills and clean air. It is a hugely exciting plan, and we know the Government will want to back it.”

The Thames Estuary is the most exciting growth region in the UK with the potential to generate £190 billion for the UK economy by 2050. The Thames Estuary Growth Board is a dynamic and stellar public/private sector board made up of talents from across politics, industry, transport, energy, planning, law and others. It has made enormous progress in its first 12 months delivering for people, businesses and communities of the region through its advocating, convening, and partnering role . . . .

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