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On a sunny day at the weekend the first cruise ship of the season anchored at Hound Point, just off South Queensferry.

While a little early in the year, locals are well used to seeing cruise ships in the area, bringing tourists from far and wide to visit the capital.

Except that Fred Olsen cruises, which owns this ship, the Balmoral, has suspended operations until May 23 due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Ports all over the world have closed to cruise ships, after a total of 27, including the Diamond Princess and Grand Princess have been affected by Covid-19 infections.

Many Edinburgh locals have taken to social media to ask why the ships are there.

“There are still cruise ships moving up the Forth, but too far out to detect if business as usual. You’d require press gangs now, surely? To secure any passengers at all?” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Curious as to why they seem to have settled where they have,” another user added.

“For the last few days cruise ships have been up and down the Forth like yoyos,” said another.

A spokesperson for Fred Olsen Cruise Lines confirmed to the Edinburgh Evening News that three of the company’s ships, the Balmoral, Black Watch, and Boudicca, are currently at anchor in the Forth Estuary . . . .

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