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The TT Club Innovation in Safety Award was launched by ICHCA International in 2016 to highlight the importance of safety at a time of increased operational demands on cargo handling infrastructure and operations worldwide. Our goal was equally to champion and celebrate the many companies and individuals around the world who are 100% dedicated to ‘making it safe’ every day, and to acknowledge and foster innovation to improve safety in cargo operations and logistics.

Both ICHCA International and TT Club, the Award Sponsor and a Premium Member of ICHCA, have a fundamental commitment to risk reduction throughout the supply chain industry and, in particular, to safety within cargo handling operations. This is paramount to the philosophy of the two organisations and the Award reflects this commitment.

The 2017 award ceremony takes place on Tuesday 3 October at the Hotel Santa Catalina in Las Palmas after day 1 of the ICHCA International Conference 2017 and is a principal part of the evening’s awards programme. A key port for African trade, Las Palmas is also the home hub to ICHCA’s thriving Canaries and Africa Region Chapter.
Open to anyone – an individual, team or company – involved in cargo logistics, award entrants are required to show that a product, idea, solution, process, scheme or other innovation has resulted in a demonstrable improvement to safety.

Entry submissions for the award expired on 20th July

The 5 shortlisted entries (in alphabetical order) are:

APM Terminals Zeebrugge
A new way of twin lift detection measures the distance (through sensors) between the spreader and the top of the container, and if the distance is more then around 30 cms, operation is stopped. With this solution, the gap can already be detected in the cell guides.

Hapag-Lloyd Cargo Patrol
With the Cargo Patrol system it is possible to detect undeclared and misdeclared restricted commodities. With the Cargo Patrol search engine, risk to crew, vessels, the environment and to customers is significantly reduced by early detection.

The indurad radar system acts as a collision avoidance and a 3D scanning system to provide the operator all the data that he needs to “see” and “feel” the machine during operation.

Safety Ammo
Through a combination of RFID and radar technologies, the Smart Pinning Station was introduced to create a safe area with proximity control for the Stevedores interacting with large machinery within the wharf.

With ShoreTension, ships of any size can be firmly anchored to the quay which significantly reduces movement caused by strong winds, currents, swell or passing ships. ShoreTension promotes unhindered quay crane operations and significantly reduces the risk of damage during unloading and loading.

Source: ICHCA