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UK Major Ports Group launches ‘Digital Dragons Den’ contest

The UK Major Ports Group (“UKMPG”), the body representing the global gateway ports for 75% of the UK’s seaborne trade, today launched a ‘Digital Dragons Den’ contest. This open source call for ideas will connect leading innovators in the digital space with the major investors and operators in the UK ports sector. The contest will also help inform the UK Government’s Maritime 2050 vision.

The U.K.’s major ports know that the digital revolution will be a key theme shaping and transformingthe port of the future. The attached infographic – summarising the UKMPG’s recent input to the Government’s Maritime 2050 project – highlights our initial thinking on what this could mean.

But they also know that this is a broad and fast-moving area, with key ideas likely to come from a wide range of sources. So UKMPG members are keen to see what others think.

Launching the contest at Monday’s All Party Parliamentary Group for Maritime and Ports, TimMorris, Chief Executive of the UKMPG commented “The UK’s major ports will be as important to the 4th industrial revolution as they have been to its predecessors. The UK Major Ports Group is today making an open call for ground-breaking perspectives and ideas on what are the top five ways digitisation could transform the major port of tomorrow. We’re running this process with the participation of Government so we’re also asking what the right role for Government is, as well as industry, in making this future vision a reality in the UK.”

Tim continued “The competition is open to all those with the best ideas. Our ambition is to connect leading innovators in the digital space with the major investors and operators in the UK ports sector– UK Major Ports Group members.”

The originators of the best three submissions will have the opportunity to present to the CEOs of nine of the largest port operators in the U.K. – operators that invest more than half a billion pounds in the UKs ports and infrastructure each year – at the UKMPG’s Board meeting in November.

UKMPG has assembled a review panel to consider the submissions and short list the best three. To give a wide range of perspectives, panel members will come not just from the ports sector, but also Government, academia and technologists.

The deadline for initial submissions is 12 noon on Friday 3rd August. Submissions should be restricted to 5,000 words – although more creative ways of communicating ideas are welcomed. The review panel will consider submissions over the summer, potentially with interactions with ideas originators during September before shortlisting submissions on Friday 5th October. Submissions from consortia, possibly combining different specialisms, are welcome as well as from individual organisations.

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Submissions and enquiries should be sent to Tim Morris, Chief Executive of the UKMPG, [email protected]