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What is a “single window” and why do ports need one? What are the best practices when it comes to electronic business and port logistics? How is IMO supporting developing countries to get ready for the Facilitation Convention amendments which make electronic data exchange mandatory from 2019?

These and other questions about the role of ports in ensuring the smooth flow of trade by ship will be on the table for discussion at a special event on ports at IMO Headquarters on Monday 11 June. Expert panellists will also provide their views on how ports can contribute to sustainable development and share their experience on port issues such as, improvement of efficiency of ports and implementation of measures to reduce emissions in ports, including on-shore power supply. The importance of port security will also be covered. The event, which will be livestreamed, will run from 09:00 a.m. to 5:30.p.m. and is aimed at port officials and representatives; maritime authorities; customs; designated security officials. The programme with a list of panellists can be downloaded here. Mr. Santiago Garcia Milà, President of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH), will deliver the keynote address.

The 11 June Special event on ports will be followed by a symposium on port security operations (12-13 June), co-sponsored by the International Association of Airport and Seaport Police (INTERPORTPOLICE) and the IMO Secretariat. The event will focus on exchange of best practice on port security and law enforcement. Read more here.

How to register: Member States, IGOs and NGOs should register attendees using the IMO online meeting registration system. Queries to [email protected]. Media wishing to attend should contact [email protected].