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Here’s why every Scottish port and harbour should become a freeport

THE details of how freeports will operate are still to be made clear. What we know so far is that a substantial land area will be included for each freeport – for example, the Firth of Forth freeport would include the airport. Freeports would “benefit” from different taxes, lower worker protections, lower safety standards and different licensing regulations etc.

The boundaries of each freeport would have to be policed rigorously to prevent smuggling. Thus the UK Government is promoting a system entailing multiple borders within Scotland and England. Can I suggest that Scotland embraces freeports with enthusiasm?

Every Scottish port and harbour should become a freeport. This would ensure equal opportunities for all our coastal towns without promoting one at the expense of its neighbour. To avoid multiple borders, the hinterland of each freeport would abut the next so that no part of Scotland was outwith a freeport area and all areas operated under the same rules. This would avoid the creation of boundaries within Scotland.

Each freeport area (or constituency) would have democratically elected representatives who would jointly legislate on all Scotland’s trade, taxation, laws, treaties, international relations, defence etc. These representatives would be Members for Scottish Ports (MSPs for short) and they would sit at Holyrood . . . . .

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