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The world’s largest container ship has arrived in Europe after its maiden voyage from China.

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MSC Gülsün, owned by Mediterranean Shipping Company, is longer than 36 London buses and can carry up to 23,756 containers — enough to hold some 223 million bananas or 8.35 million microwave ovens. It called at Bremerhaven in Germany yesterday.

At 400 metres long and more than 60 metres wide the vessel is designed to stimulate the trade of chilled and frozen goods, including food, drink and medicines, between Asia and Europe. It has more than 2,000 refrigerated containers on board.

The company is planning to introduce a further ten ships with capacity to hold at least 23,000 standard 20ft-equivalent unit containers. It argues that large ships “generally emit less CO2per container carried”, enabling traders to lower the carbon footprints of their supply chains when transporting goods around the world.

MSC Gülsün was built in South Korea at Samsung Heavy Industries’ Geoje shipyard.

Source: The Times website