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We are pleased to announce the call for entries for the fourth edition of the IAPH World Ports Sustainability Awards. The Awards first took place at the IAPH 2019 Conference live in Guangzhou, China and have subsequently been transmitted online for the last two years, including a televised virtual ceremony during the IAPH 2021 World Ports Conference which took place this year in the month of June.

As in the previous edition, the 2022 winners and runners-up will be selected by an expert, fully-independent jury and by the voting public, who cast over 10,000 votes in 2021 across all categories that eventually counted towards 30% of the final results to determine the winners.

This year IAPH will be recognising outstanding projects in the following six categories:

(1) Climate and Energy: greenhouse gas emission reduction initiatives by ports, as well as specific emerging low and zero carbon energy transition projects;

(2) Infrastructure: building sustainable physical infrastructure to combat climate change, improve efficiency and increase port resilience;

(3) Digitalisation: new category, for the most innovative port projects that deliver on the aims of IAPH’s industry call to action to inclusively accelerate digitalisation throughout the maritime transport chain;

(4) Community building: new category, which includes social community outreach projects as well as governance best practices;

(5) Environmental care: new category, which brings together innovative projects which improve air quality, reduce pollution and noise emissions, encourage recycling/reuse and which enhance local ecosystems, biospheres and habitats; and

(6) Health, safety and security: projects which improve safety and security in and around ports, as well as projects having a positive impact on the health and well-being of the port community workforce and users of the port.

These adjustments were made to reflect the type of projects we received in record numbers for the 2021 Awards edition and the increasing trend of the many ports now focusing on new areas of interest such as digitalisation and sustainable physical infrastructure developments to improve resilience.

IAPH regular port members and associate members acting on behalf of IAPH member port(s) as client, partner or collaborator can enter a project, submitting a simple online form. Once accepted, the project will automatically qualify as a potential award candidate. The deadline for project submissions is Friday 31 December 2021.

A short ‘how to’ video by our technical director Antonis Michail lasting four minutes on how to make your submission can be found here. You can contact Antonis for more information by emailing him on [email protected]. The winners of the 2022 IAPH World Ports Sustainability Awards will be announced at next year’s World Ports Conference.

Winners and runners-up of the 2021 IAPH World Ports Sustainability Awards