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Shoreham Port commitment to Green Energy Hub partnership

We are pleased to share the progression of our partnership with H2 Green, a Getech Group company, on the development of the Green Energy Hub at Shoreham Port. Following the announcement of our partnership in November 2021, we are delighted to confirm that thcollaboration has been extended for a further five years, until 2027.

The exclusive partnership includes the development of all portbased hydrogen, ammonia and new onshore wind and solar generation capacity at Shoreham Port. This fiveyear period demonstrates our joint commitment to the progression of the project through to the planned first hydrogen production and beyond.

Dr Jonathan Copus, Getech CEO commented:

“We are pleased by the progress made by Getech working in close collaboration with Shoreham Port. The updated agreement signed today with significantly extended exclusivity period is a clear statement of intent of the partnership to push forward to develop green hydrogen at the port, contributing to decarbonisation across the Southeast of England.”

Tom Willis, CEO of the Shoreham Port said:

“We are delighted to be continuing the partnership with H2 Green to develop the Shoreham Port Green Energy Hub. As a Trust Port we have been operating for the benefit of the community for 260 years, this pioneering project has the potential to make a significant contribution to decarbonising the region, creating more good quality local jobs, attracting investment, and improving air quality for everyone.”

The H2 Green team will join us at Sustainability Week to share the ambitions of our Green Energy Hub project later this month. Taking place from Thursday 29th September – Saturday 1st October, Sustainability Week at Shoreham Port is a series of free events, featuring talks with industry experts, updates on regional conservation initiatives and opportunities to see the Port in action.

Take part in a live Q&A about how and why we intend to create a green energy production hub at Shoreham Port and how we will make affordable hydrogen available, improving air quality and reducing emissions. Book your Sustainability Week tickets here