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About ArGo

ArGo brings together specialist manufacturers and service providers with an ability to play a credible role in a crisis and disaster response situation.

ArGo’s resources are comprehensive, allowing the group to command and control response efforts, provide life support (power, shelter, clean water etc.) and remedial activities. Each member brings their best products and services to the group, as such; ArGo truly is the best of the best.

ArGo members are UK based SMEs with a proven track record and a commitment to excellence

UK Based SMEs

ArGo members are UK based SMEs with a proven track record and a commitment to excellence.

The group is accessible through our call-centre on the South Coast of England or by direct contact with any member company. Resources are then mobilised from a central stockpile in central UK and from individual member stockpiles.

Trained personnel form part of the ArGo response allowing the group to mount a complete response.

Embracing Innovation

Innovation has always been a major part of the ArGo genetics, allowing the ArGo response capability to continuously evolve as the most advanced and capable disaster relief and humanitarian aid organisation available.

Activating an ArGo response can be any size to fit the event needs (from a single product through to a full group of companies), ArGo is able to handle all risks and all hazards and events of any size in any location.

Find out more at the Argo website