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Hutchison Ports BEST terminal in the Port of Barcelona has recently increased its storage and connection capacity for refrigerated containers, from 1,600 connection points up to 2,750, an increase of 70%, making it one of the terminals with the most connections for refrigerated containers in the whole of the Mediterranean area.

In addition to these connection and disconnection services, BEST offers all kinds of related services, such as PTI, cleaning, overhauls, monitoring, etc.

Guillermo Belcastro, CEO of Hutchison Ports BEST, stated that “with this increase in the number of connections, BEST has reinforced its position as a hub for refrigerated cargoes, offering the main pharmaceutical and food product shippers all types of cold cargo related services, in addition to maritime connections with main ports of origin/destination”.

BEST currently has 11 Super Post-Panamax quay cranes capable of operating the world’s largest ships, 54 Automated Cranes (ASC), 2 Railway Terminal Cranes (RMG) and 32 Shuttle Carriers to operate the 80 Ha terminal and 1,500 metres of quay with a draft of 16.5 metres.

Since its official inauguration in September 2012, BEST continues to set new reference standards for southern European ports: achieving a vessel productivity rate (VOR) of over 220 movements per hour and a sustained average throughput of over 40 movements per hour and per crane (GCR), one of the highest in the world.

Hutchison Ports BEST is the first semi-automatic terminal developed by Hutchison Ports Group. In addition to being the most technologically advanced port project in Spain, the facilities have one of the largest railway terminals within a maritime terminal. Its railway facility has eight mixed gauge tracks (Iberian and UIC), which connect BEST daily with different points in Spain and the South of France.

Source: Hutchinson Ports BEST website