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Over a quarter of fish caught by the UKfishing fleet is landed abroad, according to a new report published today by the Seafish Industry Authority.

The total income to the catching sector in 2018 from fish landings was £978m, up slightly on 2017. £254m of fish was landed outside of the UKby the UKfleet in 2018 where processing adds further value.

The British Ports Association, which represents the overwhelming majority of UKfishing ports, including the top 20 by landings, is campaigning for the Government to require more landings to be made directly into the UKwhere the bulk of the value is realised.

Commenting on the report, Economics of the UKFishing Fleet 2018, Mark Simmonds, Head of Policy at the British Ports Association said:

UKfisheries are a precious resource and we should be doing everything we possibly can to realise the value of that resource in UKcommunities. That should include a condition in commercial licenses to land directly into a UKport.”

Source: British Ports Association website