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Falls, Fires and Floating Armouries

In this edition we have several reports about poorly rigged or defective pilot ladders as well as an incident in which berthing operations went wrong because the pilot was not properly integrated into the bridge team during berthing operations. Are these issues linked? Is the time and care taken to rig a safe pilot ladder a measure of the interest in integrating the pilot into the bridge team? Is it, as we were taught as cadets many years ago a case of “look after the pilot and they will look after you”? Email us your thoughts!

Other reports in this edition include:

  • Poor safety standards on a floating armoury vessel.
  • A fall from a harbour ladder that nearly resulted in a fatality.
  • The importance of checking lifting points in workboats.
  • A fire on an LPG carrier.
  • The tragic consequences of becoming caught in moving ropes.

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