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Advantages of Using UK Bagging

Our service is comprehensively managed to accommodate your specific needs. We pride ourselves on our service, team ethic and above all professionalism. We are fully compliant to all health and safety requirements and throughout our operation guarantee to you, the customer, complete peace of mind.

Whether the goods are imported through one of the UK’s conventional or container ports or, originate in the UK (for export or for use in the domestic market) UK Bagging will provide a convenient local bagging solution, to further reduce expensive double handling costs. Our head office is located in Howden, East Yorkshire. Our customer services activity operates from here and this is where we process contracts for both the UK and Ireland. All aspects of scheduling, invoicing and credit control are managed from this location.

UK Bagging

62 Buttfield Lane
East Yorkshire
DN14 7DS

Phone: 01430 430994
Mobile: 07966 142285
Email: [email protected]