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Malta Marittima Agency has been established to promote the Malta Maritime Economy at the local, European and international levels. The Agency is catalyst to strengthen the advantage of private- public cooperation that will create a favourable environment for positive transactions between the different maritime industries and actors. It is responsible for the implementation of the national Integrated Maritime Policy that will ensure a long-term vision that drives for sustainable growth in the marine and maritime sector as a whole. In support of that activity, we are delighted to announce publication of a new official guide to assist in our work establishing Malta as a Centre of Excellence for the maritime sector:

“Malta Blue Economy Handbook”

As the Malta maritime sector continues to flourish financially and expand into new activities it is helpful that the industry is able to demonstrate the strong cooperation which underpins that strength. New opportunities including attracting foreign direct investment, as well as strengthening developments in research and innovation will lead to further job creation in the maritime sector.

Malta Blue Economy Handbook will feature and bring together stakeholders and organisations involved in the Blue Growth strategy and maritime Cluster activities within the scope of Malta Marittima: Coastal and Maritime Tourism, Logistics, Marine Engineering, Aquaculture, Blue Energy and Blue Biotechnology. The European Commission sees maritime clusters as having a pivotal role in the strengthening and development of the maritime sector.

The maritime sector encompasses an immense variety of activities that are directly or indirectly linked to the sea. Ancillary and associated maritime support services are significantly far-reaching and hold considerable inherent potential for Malta’s economy and labour market.

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