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ESPO and BPO are jointly organising a webinar for TEN-T Comprehensive Ports “EU policy and financing opportunities for smaller ports”. The webinar will take place on 15 October 2020 from 10.30h to 12:15h and will feature speakers from DG MOVE, DG REGIO, INEA, as well as the European Coordinator of Motorways of the Sea, Prof. Kurt Bodewig.
Comprehensive ports play a vital role in the European transport network. EU funding and financing is important for comprehensive ports to be able to fulfil their role and to stay state-of-the-art ports in the digital and green transition.
The event will take a look at of a number of EU programmes, such as CEF, Interreg and Motorways of the Sea, and the benefits they offer to comprehensive ports. The webinar will be split into two 45min sessions including panelists from a number of European comprehensive ports, offering insight into their experiences and expectations related to the discussed initiatives.