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“Malta’s maritime sector provides about 23,000 jobs, accounting for some 15% of the GDP and that excludes maritime sport and tourism,” Dr Joe Borg, founding chair of the Malta Maritime Forum told this paper in an exclusive interview.

For the former foreign minister, European Commissioner for Maritime Affairs and Fisheries – and architect of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy – the sector’s importance is not appreciated by the public. MMF has commissioned a study on the economic significance of the maritime industry for Malta, to be completed in the coming months.

“The retention of our industry’s competitivity and wherever possible strengthening its competitive edge is an important priority. With the increasing competition in this part of the Mediterranean, enterprises such as Palumbo and the Freeport need to be a step ahead. As regards the Malta ship registry – the largest in Europe and seventh largest worldwide with currently 8,000 ships totalling over 75 million gross registered tonnage – as long as it maintains its good and solid reputation it is good economics. We should strive for further growth maintaining and seeking to improve standards so as to become more attractive for higher quality vessels.” . . . .

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