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Merchant Navy Day

This Merchant Navy Day, 3 September, please Fly the Red Ensign to honour and remember the sacrifices of the, often forgotten and invisible, but very hard-working, Merchant Navy seafarers

Our Fly the Red Ensign on Merchant Navy Day campaign was started in 2015 to address ‘sea blindness’ that appeared to afflict a huge proportion of the population, with widespread public ignorance about the UK’s ongoing dependence on merchant seafarers who are responsible for more than 90% of the UK’s imports.

Everyone is welcome to get involved by flying a Red Ensign on Merchant Navy Day. Whether you are organising a flag-hoisting ceremony at your workplace or proudly display a Red Ensign at your window at home or a sticker in your car, we’d love to hear about it!

Please let us know about your activities by emailing [email protected] and our team will be happy to share any images that you send on our social media channels.

If you’re organising a flag-hoisting ceremony, you could consider involving local dignitaries, Merchant Navy veterans, Sea Cadets, etc. This does not have to be on Merchant Navy Day – you may prefer to schedule your event during the week or the weekend of 3-4 September. The Red Ensign may be freely flown ashore anywhere in the UK at any time of the year.

Message from His Royal Highness The Earl of Wessex and Forfar KG, GCVO

Please feel free to share or read out the message from HRH The Earl of Wessex, President of The Seafarers’ Charity, online or at your flag-hoisting event.

‘This year’s Merchant Navy Day is a poignant one. Essentially, today is the day we remember the forgotten or invisible service; the men and women responsible for carrying up to 95% of our island nation’s trade.

Regrettably, it is only during times of war that the service enters our consciousness, whether that be the Second World War or the Falklands War 40 years ago. It may be a civilian service, but it ranks on the same level as the Armed Forces because of its critical role.

In this, Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee, we also recognise her position as Master of the Merchant Navy and Fishing Fleets as well as Patron of The Seafarers’ Charity, duties The Queen has undertaken for 70 remarkable years.’

Red ensign day 2022 campaign

The Seafarers’ Charity makes a life-changing impact in troubled times. Our grants to organisations support those who work – or have worked – at sea, and their families.

Proactive and forward-looking, we also seek ways to prevent issues becoming problems. Through funding, collaboration, research and advocacy, we tackle the root causes of seafarer hardship and disadvantage in the UK and around the world.