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Policy paper

2025 UK Border Strategy

This strategy will support our ambition of having the world’s most effective border that creates prosperity and enhances security for a global United Kingdom.


2025 UK Border Strategy


The 2025 UK Border Strategy sets out our vision for the UK border to be the most effective in the world. A border which embraces innovation, simplifies processes for traders and travellers and improves the security and biosecurity of the UK. The purpose of the strategy is to set out:

  • our approach to working in partnership with the border industry and users of the border to design, deliver and innovate around the border
  • a long-term Target Operating Model (TOM) for the border that describes the border we are intending to create
  • the major transformations that government and industry will need to deliver by 2025 and beyond to implement the Target Operating Model

The strategy sets out six transformations that government proposes to implement across the UK border and a series of cross-cutting, multi-year programmes that government will take forward in partnership with stakeholders.
This list of programmes includes: the development of a Single Trade Window, to create a single gateway for all data from traders into government; implementation of an Electronic Travel Authorisation to speed passenger journeys through ports; and a major review of the agencies and checks that occur at the border, to rationalise these wherever possible. Underpinning this will be a new design authority for the border that will bring together all public sector bodies who design and deliver the border across the UK Government and the devolved administrations, with expert insight from industry, to take a coordinated approach to border design going forward