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MIN 616 Amendment 5: COVID 19 minimising risk to ship’s crew and other maritime sector workers

Guidance for companies and employers regarding management and mitigation of COVID 19 (Coronavirus).



This notice should be read in conjunction with the merchant shipping and fishing vessels (health and safety at work) regulations 1997, as amended and replaces MIN 616 (M+F) Amendment 4.

In this notice “shipowner” includes fishing vessel owner and “seafarers” includes fishermen.

The links include the use of PPE and face coverings on public transport and a safety alert for PPE designated as complying with KN95 standard.

Amendment 5 does not amend the substantive guidance, but updates the links in Annex A.

This MIN expires on 31st July 2021.

Notice to:

  • ship owners
  • ship operators and managers
  • masters
  • officers and crew of merchant vessels
  • skippers and crew of domestic passenger ships and inland waterways vessels