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Freeports bidding prospectus

The Freeports bidding prospectus gives further details on the UK Freeports model and sets out how bidders can apply for Freeport status in England.


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This bidding prospectus is a guide for bidders competing for Freeport status in England. It sets out the government’s ambition for Freeports policy, the government’s core Freeport objectives, what is expected of bidders and what a best-in-class Freeport proposal will set out.

The bidding prospectus provides additional detail on the UK’s Freeports model, including clear geographic guidelines on site design and size, and how Freeport levers relating to customs, tax, planning, regeneration and innovation will work. The prospectus outlines what bidders are expected to set out in their proposals how they can take full advantage of each measure. Finally, we provide information on how Freeports should be delivered, and provide details of the fair, open and transparent selection process that will see successful Freeport locations announced in the Spring.

We want all the nations of the UK to be able to share in the benefits of Freeports as soon as possible. We are working with the devolved administrations to develop proposals to establish at least one Freeport in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, in addition to those allocated in England via this process. Cross border bids between England and other UK nations are acceptable, subject to meeting the relevant criteria.

Bidders wanting to apply for Freeport status in England should complete this form by noon 5 February 2021.

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Any questions should be directed to [email protected].