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Strategic Overview of SAR in the UK

Strategic overview and organisation of search and rescue in UK and Northern Ireland.


Guidance to UKSAR Responders – COVID-19 – Version 4

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The UK and NI provide a comprehensive search and rescue service for those reported in trouble either on land, on water or in the air and for those reported missing. The framework describes the model for the organisation and communications infracture of search and rescue co-ordinators and search and rescue units.

This UKSAR framework parallels and supports the UK’s wider civil contingencies arrangements.

Guidance to UKSAR Responders – COVID-19

Issue date: 21/09/20 version 3

This is further updated guidance based on updates from stakeholders and has been agreed by the following SAR organisations represented on the UK Search and Rescue Medical Group (MCA, MREW, SMR, ALSAR, BCRC, SLSGB, RNLI) and is based on Public Health England (PHE) Guidance for First Responders, PHE PPE guidance and support and guidance from the Resuscitation Council UK.

The guidance provided should be read in conjunction with the information published by both these organisations, and has been written in recognition of the difficulties of providing clinical care in the operational search and rescue environment. This guidance does not supervene an organisation’s policies. UKSAR organisations can use this guidance in conjunction with their own specific operational procedures, equipment and PPE.

Published 1 April 2008
Last updated 5 November 2021