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The UK’s standing environment groups

There are 9 standing environment groups (SEGs) around the UK coastline. Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland each have their own SEG. The coastline of England is broken down into 6 SEGs.

An environment group provides environmental and public health advice to support the response to marine incidents occurring within their particular area of coastline. They provide information and advice to the relevant authorities on:

  • environmental sensitivities
  • conservation
  • fisheries
  • human health
  • post-incident monitoring

SEG members may include representatives from:

  • the Marine Management Organisation (MMO), Welsh Government, the Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs or Marine Scotland
  • the Environment Agency, Scottish Environment Protection Agency or Northern Ireland Environment Agency
  • UK Health Security Agency, the Public Health Agency or Public Health Scotland
  • Natural England, NatureScot or Natural Resources Wales
  • the Joint Nature Conservation Committee

The UK’s standing environment groups

  1. Northern Ireland – Lough Foyle to Carlingford Lough and the Isles
  2. Scotland – covers all of Scotland
  3. North East England – Berwick to Spurn Point
  4. East of England – Spurn Point to Foulness Point
  5. South East England – Foulness Point to the Hampshire-Dorset boundary
  6. South West England – the Hampshire-Dorset boundary to Lynmouth
  7. Bristol Channel – Lynmouth to Ogmore
  8. Wales – Ogmore to Dee
  9. North West England – Dee to the Scotland-England boundary
  10. Offshore – Offshore waters beyond 12 nautical miles (nm)