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IAPH joins APEC and C-MAT in international port course

As part of our objective to increase knowledge-sharing among IAPH members, we have teamed up with our associate members APEC (Antwerp/Flanders Port Training Center) and C-MAT (Center for Maritime and Air Transport) as well as Antwerp Management School in offering an executive course on the international aspects of port strategy and management. In an ever-changing world, ports must respond to worldwide, regional and local challenges.
The past year has emphasised more than ever the vital role of ports within the global economy. The crucial function of ports for a country’s welfare demands resilience as well as the need for an international strategy to sustain in times of crisis, trade wars and geopolitical shifts. Identifying the external environment, creating a unique competitive position, specifying an international port strategy, and effective implementation are essential to any port’s global development. In this course, participants will reflect on the major global macro-economic and geopolitical trends and analyse their impact on port platforms, from changing global supply chains, to digitalisation, climate change and energy transition.
Furthermore, we will zoom in on regional differences and realities in the port sector in China, India, the Middle East, Africa, Latin America and Europe. Finally, we will evaluate different international strategies within the port industry and help you to design an international strategy for your own port. Lectures will be given by a mix of experienced port professionals, academics and global policy makers.
The course will be held online, spread over eight weeks, from 22 February to 14 April. The course covers 70 study hours in a combination of readings, recorded content and live sessions. The live sessions will be planned to best suit the availability of the participants, as these are an essential part of the learning experience.
\The sessions offer a unique opportunity to interact with our experts and fellow participants, serving as moments of review and discussion of progress and assignments. IAPH members enjoy special registration conditions.
You can find out all about it on the APEC website.
Registration closes 8 February.
Name of the contact person, Ms Tingting Yao at APEC: [email protected]