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Save the date: 9 February 2021: Webinar on accelerating action against wildlife trafficking in international maritime supply chains

A discussion on global wildlife trafficking through maritime transport supply chains as well as how governments, the IMO and the private sector can take action to combat this transnational organized crime.

Every year, hundreds of tonnes of illegal wildlife is detected and seized moving into and through East and Southeast Asia via containerized cargo. Although the region is a destination for much of this illicit trade, Asia also functions as a major entrepot for a range of global trade chains, which depend on trans- continental transport networks to connect supply and demand. This makes them vulnerable to illicit trade.

In this webinar, you can hear the perspectives of leaders in the shipping industry, NGOs and government stakeholders about upcoming developments and responses to wildlife trafficking affecting the region.

The event is jointly organized by WWF and TRAFFIC in collaboration with the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce.

Webinar registration: click here.

Date: 9 February 2021

Time: 8am-9am CET


Kanitha Krishnasamy, Director, TRAFFIC in Southeast Asia

Mark Watson, Group Head of Sustainability, John Swire & Sons (HK) Ltd and Asia Pacific Chair of the United for Wildlife’s Transport Taskforce

Josephine Uranza, Regional Coordinator of the International Maritime Organization (IMO), Regional Presence for Technical Cooperation in East Asia

Giovanni Broussard, Regional Coordinator, UNODC Global Programme for Combatting Wildlife and Forest Crimes in Southeast Asia