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The  UK Maritime Safety Week has been recently announced for the week 6th – 10th July 2020 by Maritime Minister, Kelly Tolhurst MP. The objectives of the week have been outlined in the ministerial correspondence as:

  1. Recognise the excellent safety work that already goes on across the sector
  2. Provide an opportunity to focus on some specific challenges, such as fishing safety, and what is being done to tackle them
  3. Facilitate the sharing of knowledge, experience and best practice
  4. Capitalise on the momentum provided during last year’s Week by delivering key safety messages to the target audiences who would benefit from hearing them the most

The UK Maritime Safety Week is a unique opportunity to recognise the contributions of PSS member ports and to celebrate success. No organisation can have a good reputation, good productivity and poor safety.

All three are interlinked and provides us with an opportunity to celebrate the various successes that we have been achieving as an industry and broadcast it to the rest of the UK.

In order to stimulate conversations and make connections under the banner of the Maritime Safety Week, the Minister, various industry bodies including PSS will be posting on the website and social media throughout the week the various initiatives of member ports with the hashtags #martimesafetyweek and #maritimesafetymatters.

Watch this Space for Special PSS announcements During Maritime Safety Week 2020

In 2019, Port Skills and Safety, the collective body for Safety and Skills in UK ports, launched the first-ever ports Sector Safety Plan. The plan was welcomed across the industry and heralded as a pioneering step in industry self-regulation.

This year we also have a range of first-ever initiatives to be announced. Watch this space for live launches next week and we wish all our key workers and stakeholders a successful Maritime Safety Week 2020

PSS Publishes Industry Self-regulation Initiative on day one: SiP Impact Review Report



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