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Counter pollution training courses

Information on training courses from the Counter Pollution and Salvage team including who should attend, course content and objectives, and how to apply.



The Counter Pollution and Salvage (CPS) team offers two areas of training.

LA01 – National training course on oil pollution, contingency planning and response

A three-day course for local authority management staff involved in contingency planning and oil spill response. The course is organised and run by the Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA). To sign up, apply directly to the MCA to join one of the regional courses.

LA02 – Beach supervisor

A two-day course for local authority staff who may be involved in supervising beach clean-up operations and protective booming operations. The MCA provides this training course for individual local authorities or collaboratively with adjoining authorities on a request basis.

Both training courses are formally accredited by the Nautical Institute on behalf of the MCA. You can find out more information, and get the training materials for these courses, at ResilienceDirect. You will need to register to create an account.

Published 1 May 2014
Last updated 11 October 2022