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Business Minister Kelly Tolhurst has slammed the decision to close a docks which employs hundreds of people.

Yesterday it was revealed owners Peel L&P plan to close Chatham Docks in 2025

The firm plans to redevelop the area, most likely for housing and leisure facilities.

Miss Tolhurst, whose constituency covers the dock, says she is deeply disappointed by the move.

The Rochester and Strood MP said: “I know this news would have sparked a lot of anxiety for everyone who works there.

“Chatham has been an important commercial port for centuries, and the site is a vital local and national asset that deserves protection now and for future generations.

“There is now a real threat to its long-term future because of Peel Ports’ desire to redevelop the site.

The red area shows Chatham Docks which is due to be closed in 2025
The red area shows Chatham Docks which is due to be closed in 2025

“The docks are situated in an area which provides great economic development in the Medway Towns, delivering employment and a sustainable location for industrial activities.”

However, Peel says the estate is “financially unsustainable” as a port and has put it forward as a potential place for housing, retail, tourism and leisure to be considered in the upcoming Medway Local Plan, which covers future developments in the Towns.

The landowner is planning to offer “alternative locations” to docks-based businesses, which could see firms move to Sheerness – a port it also owns.

Miss Tolhurst added: “Over the past few months, I have been attempting to meet with Peel Ports to discuss a number of concerns that I have for the River Medway, including their plans to develop the site.

“Unfortunately, they have failed to commit to meeting, I have made representations about my concerns, and those of local businesses to the Minister for Maritime and Shipping, and I will continue to press Peel and stand up for the interests of all those that work at the docks.

Chatham Docks .Picture: Association of Chatham Docks Commerical Operators
Chatham Docks .Picture: Association of Chatham Docks Commerical Operators

“I am totally against these plans, and will be strongly objecting to Medway Council’s planning team today.”

Dave Harris, who leads on planning at the local authority, has also responded to the plans. . . . .

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