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Pilot Boarding Arrangement Requirements – Best Practice Poster shared by ABP & PSS

“Vessels are expected to meet the requirements of the regulations as laid out in safety of life at sea (SOLAS) Chapter 5 Regulation 23 and IMO Resolution A.1045 (27). Failure to provide compliant boarding arrangements may result in your ship being delayed or having pilotage cancelled with associated cost implications.”

The Poster outlines best practices on Pilot Boarding Arrangements focusing on the following

  • Securing Pilot Ladders;
  • Accommodation Ladders and Combination Arrangements;
  • Trap Door Arrangements;
  • Access to Deck;
  • Winch Reel arrangements;
  • Mechanical Securing of Pilot Ladder Winch Reel;
  • Retrieval Lines;
  • Deck Tongues;
  • Transfer Arrangements;