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The Port of Melilla (Puerto de Melilla) is full of surprises

Perched on the top of North Africa, Melilla is a small piece of Spain with an interesting past and a promising future

As an antidote to busy cruise ports, Melilla is an oasis of calm and tranquility and the perfect port of call for cruise ships and yachts


Puerto de Melilla are a forward looking, efficient and dynamic Port Authority led by Director, Snr Luis Ayala

With regular ferry services throughout the Mediterranean, attractive tax regime and convenient location, Melilla will soon be “discovered”

In these changing times Melilla is promoting itself as a unique port of call and destination not only for tourists but for business and entrepreneurs

Part of the promotion activity will be the new Port of Melilla Handbook has been published by Compass Handbooks


We will post updates and articles and we recommend you contact Puerto De Melilla for more information and to receive your copy of the Handbook

The online version is available here