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The BPA is the national association for ports and harbours in the UK

The British Ports Association has today welcomed moves by the UK Department for Transport to abolish the port services regulation (PSR). The BPA has consistently lobbied against the PSR since it was introduced by the European Commission 10 years ago.

A consultation has been opened seeking views on the Government’s plans to remove legislation regulating the provision of services at ports, such as on bunkering and towage, as well as unnecessary rules on financial transparency. The regulations were implanted into UK law prior to the UK’s departure from the European Union and ministers have consistently supported the removal of the regulations

BPA Chief Executive Richard Ballantyne, which represents almost every port and terminal covered by the PSR said:

“This is exciting news as we have long since said these regulations are not applicable to the UK ports sector. Ports in Britain have already gone through a process of liberalisation and their competitive nature means that service provision is not limited in restrictive ways. The ports sector in the UK has needed to make a huge number of adjustments as a result of our departure from the customs union and the single market and so this is a welcome return.’’

The PSR covers ports and harbours that where categorised on the EU’s Core and Comprehensive ports network as part of the TENT-T.

The UK Department for Transport consultation can be found here.