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PSS: Staying Safe in Ports Confined Spaces

Why did we create this training video?

People die in confined spaces. This is known throughout the port and maritime industries however around the world incidents still continue to occur.  Just a few examples of preventable deaths include:

  • Port of Antwerp 2015 – 3 fatalities
  • Suntis 2015 – 3 fatalities
  • Sally Ann C 2015 – 2 fatalities
  • Sava Lake 2008 – 2 fatalities
  • Saga Rose 2008 – 1 fatality
  • ERRV Viking Islay 2007 – 3 fatalities
  • Saga Spray 2006 – 1 fatality

This specially produced training video by Port Skills and Safety was created with the simple aim to help communicate the risks of Confined Spaces into an easily understood and digestible medium and hopefully eliminate casualties of confined spaces for PSS members and all of those of the port industry.


Runtime and what is included in the video

The video runs for 14 minutes and 20 seconds and covers:

  • What a confined space is and what makes them dangerous
  • What types of confined space can be found in ports on ships and on land
  •  And some golden rules for protecting yourselves and those around you
Employees entering the ships hold

How you can use the ‘Staying Safe in Confined Spaces’ video

We envision this training video being used together with the Port Skills and Safety guidance document SiP015 Confined Spaces across a range of critical work areas including:

  •     Induction, awareness and refresher training
  •     Toolbox talks
  •     Planning new operations
  •     Monitoring existing controls
  •     Creating, reviewing & updating risk assessments
  •     Referencing for incident investigations
Planning Operations
Planning operations and conducting efficient toolbox talks


Monitoring and reviewing risk management controls
Monitoring and reviewing risk management controls
Reference guide for incident investigations
A reference guide for incident investigations

Assessment and testing

The video is an invaluable resource when conducting inductions and training at Ports.  However, we recommend that you use it with some form of proactive evaluation of an individual’s understanding of these risks and risk control methods. Based on the contents of the training video, the list below covers the critical focus questions that can be utilised to test and assess the employees’ knowledge of the hazards of confined spaces

  • What are the two parts of a confined space?
  • What is the biggest confined space killer? Will you be able to realize you are in trouble?
  • What are the 6 potential hazardous conditions in space?
  • What are the three main causes of hazards in space?
  • How might a space change over time, from not hazardous to hazardous?
  • What are the three golden rules for employees?
  • What has been the pattern for confined spaces deaths over the years?
  • What to do if you see someone collapse?
  • What is the specific list of management controls to minimize risk?

testing and assessment

On the Occasion of Maritime Safety 2019. PSS is pleased to announce that the Confined Spaces Training Video is now offered free of cost to members and non-members alike. This is in line with our vision to help raise standards in UK ports and reduce the number of incidents related to confined space entry


Maritime Safety Week

The video is now free and downloadable below.