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Today Shoreham Port bids farewell to Rodney Lunn, Chief Executive after ten successful years of service at the Port. Rodney started at the Port in 2009, bringing with him a wealth of industry knowledge, having spent 40 years working in the maritime sector. His successor, Tom Willis has already joined the Port after starting his handover in November.

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Under Rodney’s leadership Shoreham Port has seen a 75% growth in revenue from £8 million to £14 million, and the Port has seen many significant improvements every year with a focussed diversification of business across all streams. The operational cargo base remains strong with great facilities for the customers. Additionally, this year 30% of scallops landed in the UK by UK fishing vessels were landed in Shoreham, making it the number one scallop port in the UK. Last year, around 1,500 commercial shipping movements and over 2 million tonnes of cargo were also handled at the Port.

The Port Masterplan remains on track and the Port’s tenant community has flourished this year with over 100 businesses and 1,500 jobs in total on site – proving it to be a key economic drive for the local economy. Strategic land purchases and development of key sites, including Lady Bee Enterprise Centre, Hove Enterprise Centre Extension and now Ferry Wharf have been welcome additions to its commercial property portfolio. The Port has also made significant investments in its marina and leisure facilities over the past decade, providing important facilities for the wider community.

During his tenure Rodney has made significant strides in strengthening the relationship between the Port and its surrounding communities, improving stakeholder engagement in accordance their Trust Port values. The Port has also continued to provide jobs for many of those living locally, with the workforce doubling in size under his leadership. Rodney has ensured staff feel both valued and supported by making the Port a Living Wage Employer and by promoting gender equality in the workplace under the Women in Maritime Taskforce.

Amber Foster, Chair of Shoreham Port said “Rodney has shown excellent leadership over the past 10 years and he will be greatly missed. His contribution to Shoreham Port, the local community and Port sector has been enormous, and his legacy will no doubt be felt for many years to come. Rodney’s mantra has been that while Shoreham Port may not be the biggest, it can strive to be the best. This has meant hiring the best staff and training everyone to deliver a first-class service to customers and stakeholders. Thank you from everyone on the Board and very best wishes for the future, Rodney.’’

Rodney commented “I have been extremely proud to be Chief Executive of Shoreham Port over the past decade and it has been fantastic to work with such a dedicated and enthusiastic team. We have achieved a huge amount together to improve the Port’s facilities and as a place to work. I am very conscious of the role that the Port plays as an economic driver and I firmly believe that Tom’s superb leadership skills and strong track record of leading a diverse workforce will ensure the Port continues to maintain, manage and develop the Port for all of its stakeholders and customers.’’

Source: Shoreham Port press release