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Shoreham Port, Local Fuels, Ricardo and H2 Green move forward with green hydrogen hub collaboration

We are delighted to announce that we are collaborating with Local Fuels, Ricardo and H2
Green to explore developing a renewable green energy hub at Shoreham Port. When
operational the hub will provide clean fuel for locally based fleets and be a catalyst for the
decarbonisation of transport across the region. We are aiming for a full investment decision
in the second half of 2022.

pictured left is Luke Johnson, Managing Director of H2 Green and right is Tom Willis, Chief Executive at Shoreham Port.

Green hydrogen is produced by combining renewable electricity and water and is set to be a
key fuel in the future of decarbonisation. The creation of a green hydrogen hub will integrate
with renewable onshore wind and solar power generation. The production process is almost
silent, produces no waste and emits no pollutants. The first phase would see green hydrogen
being used in the Port’s own operational fleets.

Shoreham Port have brought together H2 Green who will be producing the hydrogen, Local
Fuels who will bring their fuelling infrastructure and distribution expertise and Ricardo, who
will impart their world leading engineering experience and pioneering leadership in
hydrogen conversions.

We are a Trust Port with a 260year history of delivering value to the local community and
are excited about the employment opportunities this development offers. We have also been
a certified EcoPort for 8 years and these innovations will help us to achieve our own net zero
ambitions as well as being a huge step towards decarbonising the South East England region.

Tom Willis, Chief Executive at Shoreham Port commented:

“We are delighted to have brought together this group of organisations to develop a green energy hub here at Shoreham Port.
The hub will be a significant economic uplift for the area, creating local jobs and improving
air quality. The production process is quiet, odourless and the clean fuel produced will reduce
emissions across the region as transport operators convert large fleets to run on hydrogen.
As a community organisation we intend to work with all of our stakeholders to make this new
stage of Shoreham Port’s development a success”

Luke Johnson, Managing Director of H2 Green, a Getech business said “We have worked
closely with Shoreham Port to develop a bold vision that delivers significant emissions
reductions, supporting its net zero goals and benefiting the Port’s customers, community
and wider region economy. Decarbonisation of the HGVs and forklift trucks entering and
using the Port would save 45,000 tonnes of CO2 each year. As a trusted developer of hydrogen  
hub infrastructure, H2 Green is proud to be involved in this transformational integrated
green energy development.”

Anthony Salvidge, Managing Director of Local Fuels said

“We are looking forward to working as part of this collaboration. We will leverage our knowledge and expertise in downstream
fuel distribution to explore and implement opportunities to deliver green hydrogen to the
local market. In addition, we will play our part in the energy transition through the
importation and storage of synthetic zero carbon fuels”.

Adrian Greaney, Technology Director for Ricardo Automotive and Industrial EMEA said:

“We are pleased to be supporting this collaboration. Ricardo is already applying our expertise
across the hydrogen value chain to support customers around the globe with the
decarbonisation of transport and energy for land, sea and air. Through this collaboration, we
hope to contribute to the development of zero emissions solutions which are critical to our
local and national economy.”

800 HGVs enter the Port each day, and our longterm ambition is to scale up production to
power these vehicles as well, reducing emissions and noise. Eventually H2 Green will be
facilitating the importation of ammonia, which is used to carry hydrogen, increasing our
capacity and connecting us to green energy projects worldwide, delivering lower cost green
fuel to benefit local users.

You can see a video explaining the ambitions of the project here: