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Spencer Group, over 30 years working in Marine & Port Environment

Marine engineering is where it all began for Spencer Group and we’ve been working on projects in ports and harbours since 1989. This includes works in and around the Humber Estuary, canals and rivers across the UK and Europe. Our integrated approach to each of our projects enables us to deploy multiple engineering disciplines in the most challenging marine environments and work seamlessly on complex projects to meet our clients’ operational requirements. Our expertise in both civil and marine engineering allows us to offer an unrivalled ability to deliver moving structures including lock gates, barriers, swing bridges, RoRo ramps and ship lifts.

We pride ourselves on delivering innovative, daring solutions to the most complex problems, achieved through our in-house design team who prioritise buildability and keep disruption to a minimum. Our team of expert engineers represent a wide array of sectors and can deliver extraordinary solutions to lead the industry. We specialise in schemes that incorporate port infrastructure alongside structures, road and rail, and our industry-leading planning team are on hand to ensure maximum transparency in the construction process.

We want every project we build to be extraordinary, whether it’s a landmark moving bridge or a rail load silo. We always start with a blank slate to ensure that every decision is tailored to our clients’ needs. We aim to be world class in everything we do and our appreciation of the clients’ operational requirements and multi-modal transport systems, have ensured quality delivery for a quarter of a century.

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